Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great one! I know we did. My mom, Aaron and I went shopping yesterday morning to Big Lots (YAY!) and Kmart. We go to these two stores EVERY YEAR on Thanksgiving. Big Lots just because its the best, and Kmart for the board games! I found some great scrapbook items at Big Lots yesterday, and got Aaron a few more Wiggles DVDs for Christmas! I can't find Wiggles movies around here anywhere, but somehow Big Lots has them for $4 which is pretty great! Since that was so exhausting, we decided to go grab the breakfast bar at Shoney's then we headed to Kmart. My two game picks for this year were Clue and Trouble. They had an abundant supply of Clue, but Trouble was MIA. So I finally just gave up, and while we were strolling through the toy aisles, something caught my eye...Could it be? TROUBLE?! IT WAS! So I RAN FOR IT! Little did I notice that I almost knocked over a very nice gentlemen at least double my size. Oops. I told him I was SO sorry; I was terribly embarrassed. My mom was dying of laughter which got Aaron laughing which was pretty cute. I don't know what came over me! I just had to have that game! Then we went to my Grandma's for dinner, which was wonderful as always. We had tons of fun and stuffed our bellies to the max. Then we went over to my husband's parents for a quick visit, but by then we were so tired and full we just wanted to go home. Then this morning (my mom and I's other annual tradition) I got up at 2:30 and picked mom up at 3:00. We were outside in the line at Toys R Us by 3:30 in the freezing cold, but it was so worth it! There sales were amazing! Mom got $30 MP3 players for all of my siblings for $10 each! But I lucked out the most with an easel for Aaron, a Story Reader, a baby doll for Lexy, a really cool thing called Pixel Chix for Lex, a Little Tikes tool center, the new Charlotte's Web DVD, a Doodle Doug and Sesame Street appliques for Aaron's walls! The Doodle Doug is super cool, I recommend looking it up. He's kind of like a Spirograph, but much better! I'm going to save it for a little while until Aaron's ready for it, but he is so cute and only $4.99, so I couldn't pass him up! There's also something I'd like your feedback on-I bought Aaron a shopping cart. Jamie hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure he won't be happy about it. Do you think its wrong for a boy to play with a shopping cart. He just loves to push things around, and he loves the carts at the store. Plus it comes with play food, and at our church we have a play kitchen with play food, and its hard to tear him away from it. I'd really like to get him a kitchen, but Jamie said "absolutely not". Oh well. After the toy store, we went to Ollies and the Dollar Tree, and we got some pretty great stuff there too. Then, how could I pass up a trip to the scrapbook store? When we walked in, they gave both mom and I a 40% off coupon for one item, PLUS they took 25% off your entire purchase! I bought 2 Little Davis paint kits for $2.50! I also got a few sheets of paper, some rubons, and with my coupon, I got Aaron's Sesame Street album, and mom got me the laminating refill for my Xyron with her coupon! After all my discouts I only paid $12 for the album! WooHoo!!! PLUS, if you spent $30 you got a free gift, and I spent $33.33 (how lucky!) so she stuck something in my bag and said "Here's your free gift, have a good day!", but I didn't see what it was until I got home. She stuck a very cute Christmas sticker set by Making Memories in my bag (a $5 value) AND a November 2007 Scrapbook Trends magazine-a $14.95 value! What a deal! I love magazines, but can never justify the price! What a great sale! Then on the way home we stopped at the Goodwill, because I felt something there calling my name. What a great Goodwill day! I bought a train for under our tree for $5! Aaron loves it. I turned it on and he started clapping and yelling "WHEE!!!". It was adorable! I also got a brand new Smore's maker for $3! I LOVE Smores! Now I'm going to make them every night! This is the first time I've ever bought something other than toys/books/movies for Aaron there! But I did end up buying Aaron a Little People garage and he played with it for ours this afternoon. I can't believe the things you can find there that are in perfect condition! I Love the Goodwill! :) It was really a perfect day. We had so much fun and laughed until our ribs hurt! And the sales we got were better than any sales we've ever gotten before! And I had the best Goodwill trip too! AWESOME DAY!

I'm hoping to post some pics later of a few mini-albums of Aaron, so be on the lookout! I just have to wait for him to go to bed before I can get anything done! :)