Saturday, May 31, 2008

I love pictures of Aaron :)

I feel like I actually got something accomplished "craft-wise" today! What a great feeling! I ended up completing these 3 scrapbook pages plus a few cards that I'm saving to show you another day. So its been a pretty great day for me! (Plus I got a really long, wonderful nap in, which is probably the only reason I had energy to scrap!)

I took these pictures of Aaron tonight while we were having dinner just so I could do a page like this! We had spaghetti, which he is not a fan of, so I got some happy pictures and a few mad pictures! I cut all of the pictures down to 3.5 inches square. All of the paper, patterned and solid, is American Crafts that I bought last summer at CKU. The letters are Making Memories Heidi rub-ons in small and large. I love this page! It may go in a frame for a little while before it goes in his album. I just love all of his different, perfect little faces-even the mad ones!
This is one of my favorite pictures EVER, so I didn't want to put much on the page that would distract from the picture. We went to my grandparents for a cookout on Memorial Day, and this is Aaron and my Granddaddy grilling together! (I wish you could see more of Aaron's grill-it is so cute! Has all kinds of foods and utensils, plus it lights up and makes noise like a real grill! One of my favorite yard sale finds so far this year!) Anyway, the papers are both Bo Bunny, and I cut "Lean Mean Grillin' Machines" with my new Opposites Attract Cricut cart!

Here is a page that's been setting at my table half-done for a month or two. It needed something but I could never figure out what! I think the paper is American Crafts, but I'm not sure. The ribbon is something I bought and never used for Aaron, and I pop-dotted Alex's name on top of it. The letters are All my Memories rub-ons. I added a "Little Boy Blue" Jolees tee at the top. Now I finally have 1 page done in Alex's album! Can't wait to add more! I really need to take some pregnant pictures, which is something I failed to do with Aaron. I better get to it because Alex will be here before I know it!
Well, that's all for now. Its about 9pm which means its way past my bed time! Hope you're all having a great weekend! It stormed here today so we stayed indoors all day, but tomorrow my in-laws are opening their pool and having a cookout, so I'm hoping to break out of the house to go visit and get some pics of Aaron in the pool! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bed rest :(

So I had my weekly check-up today, and was feeling pretty good at the time. No real contractions-just those annoying Braxton Hicks. I have felt like I'm getting the flu or something, but I haven't been feeling too bad. When I saw the doctor, they said I'm 2cm dilated, I'm anemic, I have a horrid sinus infection, I need to use my inhaler for my asthma again, and I am on bed rest. So I went from feeling pretty good to being completely scared and sad. It is way too early for Alex to come, and I just hope he will be born healthy. I feel like a failure. I don't understand why my body has been having such a hard time handling this entire pregnancy. So now here I am-can't work, can't give my son a bath or play or even pick him up, and I can't even get my baby's nursery ready. Financially, this is going to hurt us pretty bad. But what are we to do? I just don't know. I have no idea what Jamie and I will do if Alex isn't ok. I'm feeling pretty emotional! Just want to cry and cry. I'm so scared that he is going to come sooner rather than later.

On a happier note, maybe I will be able to catch up on Aaron's scrapbook and start a few pages for Alex. I'll just get a TV tray and move some of my scrappin' stuff into my bedroom! :) I have to do something to keep me sane.

Well, that's all for now, just wanted to let everyone know what's going on. Maybe when I get my strength up I will be able to make something with my new Changito, Busy Bees, and Penny Black stamps! That will make me feel better! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What do you guys think??

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day! I was just wondering what you guys thought about this? I thought it might be helpful to get Aaron semi-introduced to a baby. So I bought him a doll today. I also bought a boy outfit for the doll! :) But I thought we could teach him some things with the doll before the baby gets here. You know, things like don't poke the baby in the eye, don't hit the baby, don't put the baby in the toilet. Lol. These are the things that Aaron will need to learn! :) My husband however, is having a cow that I bought our son a doll. The first thing Aaron did when I gave it to him was give him his bottle. It was so sweet! So, what do you think?

More time has flown by...

I can't believe almost another week has passed since I've blogged! I've had all of this new stuff to show you, but boy I am really slacking! I'm a bad blogger! :( Sorry!

Here are some of the new goodies I bought when I took myself shopping to try and feel better! And guess what-it totally made me feel better! :) I got the new DCWV Summer Stack, some "skittles", some bling, really cool silver eyelets, some blue snap eyelets, and some adorable acrylic alphabet and number stamps. They were on clearance at M's and I got them for $3! Woo-hoo!
Next are some new stamp sets I bought! I got the "Thank you" and "Happy Birthday" Heidi Swapp stamps, the new Fiskars Sweet Pea set, and the cutest Penny Black set. Isn't it adorable?! I wish I could take a better picture-these are so cute! My favorite is the fat cat in the top at the top!!

Next is some of my yard sale goodies from the past few weeks. I am in love with yard sales! As you can see, I only end up buying things for the boys, but that is ok! It makes me happy! I've gotten a ton of cute clothes this year for both boys, plus I got Aaron a pair of Thomas snow boots (that he's been wearing around the house!), Alex got a pair of brand new baseball booties, plus I got that adorable shelf for his room for only $10. Aaron also got a booster seat, a singing and dancing Pablo from the Backyardigans (for $0.50, can you believe that?!), a Diego counting game, a Lightning McQueen car and a few other things. Alex got an Elmo and cookie monster giggle ball, a light-up stacker that sings, and a talking baby Elmo. For all of this I spent about $21.00. Everything is in perfect condition too, otherwise, I don't buy it. Not bad, huh?!

Here is one of the cards I made for Mother's Day. Sorry its so blurry. I used Deja Views patterned paper for the background and for the flowers that I detail cut. They are also pop dotted. The black mat is Cuttlebugged with the Swiss Dots folder, and I stamped "Happy Mothers Day" with MME acrylic alpha stamps. I also added some sheer white ribbon and some bling of course! I made this card with different alterations for my grandma, my mom, and my mom-in-law!
Finally, here is the completed potty page I've worked on for weeks! Its terribly simple of course, but that is ok. I just want to keep caught up since I'll soon have 2 albums to scrap! The paper I used is Karen Foster, the letters are Cricut Zooballoo, the yellow mat was Cuttlebugged with Swiss Dots, then the edges were inked with blue and I dabbed it on the dots as well! I did the journaling on the computer, then tied a piece of rapphia around the bottom. That is one cute potty trainer! :)
And my last picture for the day-I came home to a dozen beautiful roses yesterday! Aren't they gorgeous? The photo does them no justice-they are so pretty! There are white, light pink, dark pink, a gorgeous pinkish-red, and some yellow ones. Jamie said Aaron helped him pick them out, and Aaron picked the yellow! (Its the only color he knows!) A very nice surprise after a long, stressful day!
Well, that is all for now. I have today and tomorrow off-YAY!- so I am spending the day with my main man! This morning we went and had breakfast at Shoney's with my Grandma, and now we are just relaxing. I am hoping to clean a little, plus work on Alex's room a little more. Then when Aaron takes his nap, I'm going to play in my scrap room! I hope you're all having a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another stressful week!

After 2 nights in a row of no sleep and feeling pretty horrid, I ended up in the ER the other night. Half of it is a blur now but I just remember being in so much pain and crying my eyes out. I didn't want to go anywhere since it was about midnight, but I finally decided to go just to check things out. When I got there and they hooked me up to all the wonderful machines, I was having contractions every 3 minutes. Then I kind of freaked out a bit. I was so scared my entire body was shaking from head to toe. Luckily they were able to give me something to stop the labor; I just thank God that I went to the hospital when I did! I had this nurse though that could not put an IV in at all. She ended up blowing 2 of my veins and now 2 days later my right hand is all black and blue and hurts so bad! Plus she tried to put the IV in down near my wrist, which is a really nasty place to stick a needle in! That hurt worse than the contractions and the back pain. I honestly almost passed out! Anyway, Alex is perfect though, so that's all that matters. I am way beyond stressed out and exhausted though. Feeling a bit better today, just really tired. My mind is at ease (at least for the time being) because they were able to do a test that will tell whether or not I'm going to go into labor within the next 2 weeks, and it came back negative. I can't believe they can find that out through a little test! But at least I can rest easy-for the next 2 weeks anyway! So I am resting at home for the weekend, then going back to work and life on Monday. I've had a few nasty contractions today, but I think they are just those stupid Braxton Hicks. I just want the rest of this pregnancy to be drama free!!

That's about all for now, I'm going to go lay down and enjoy the peace and quiet while my little monster isn't here! Poor thing doesn't understand what is going on and doesn't want to leave my side! I just hate that I can't pick him up all the time. Poor little guy is going to be so jealous of Alex! I've felt so guilty lately I've been buying him new toys or movies or making him special snacks! I hope he doesn't get used to it. :) I just feel so bad for all the changes! I know he won't mind in a few years though when he and Alex are best friends, and they'll always have someone to play with!!

I have some new things to show you later when I get the energy! Made some pretty cute cards for Mother's Day, plus I finally finished Aaron's potty layout! Also bought myself some new goodies the other day to make myself feel better! :) Hope you are all well, and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just a quick update....

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on since I don't have energy to respond to so many messages and emails! I went to see the doctor yesterday because I've been having some problems and haven't been feeling the greatest. Turns out my body has already started to get ready for the birth of little Alex, which is about 3 months too early. So I am now on bed rest until I go back to see the doctor next week. If things are the same, I am off bed rest. If things have progressed more, I'm on bed rest for the rest of this pregnancy. Which I certainly don't want, nor do I want Alex to be premature. So I've had a HUGE reality check and realize I'm not Superwoman, and I will no longer try to be. Last week I worked 6 days straight, Aaron was up 2 nights straight so I got NO SLEEP, plus I spent 3 hours at the doctor with him. Then on Sunday I cleaned and did some things in the baby's room, then worked all day Monday and Tuesday. So I now know that I can't do everything for everyone and I can't feel bad about that. I will do what I can do but not at the expense of mine and Alex's health. So you may not see me around for awhile. But I am ok, so no need to worry! I have a laptop and lots of magazines and books! I'm bored already, but nothing compared to how bored I will be if I am on bed rest for more than a week! So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers-we really appreciate it!