Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I know, I'm slacking...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while-thanks for the reminder Carol! :) We are all doing great here. Life is wonderful. We are so incredibly blessed. Alexander is growing more and more. He is around 6 pounds now, and will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! He's still in preemie clothes though, and probably won't make it to 0-3 months clothing for about another month! He is the sweetest baby. If I didn't have a house to run and a crazy 2 year old, I would just cuddle with Alex all day! Here's some new pics of the little man:

He looks really big here, but he's not! I guess its just because I was so close with the camera! Aaron just adores him. He wants to be wherever he is-he even goes and sits in the rocker in Alex's room when I'm putting Alex in bed. I have to carry him out because he won't leave! He just wants to sit there and be his protector. He's the best big brother in the whole world. :)Why is my kid always naked??!! In all of my pictures he has no clothes on! He always manages to get out of whatever outfit I put him in, although I don't know how. Maybe he's going to be a magician when he grows up. ;)
Here is one of the thank you cards I made for all of my wonderful friends and family who helped us out with Aaron, gave us gifts, and brought us food while I was recovering. I used one of my new Rachelle Anne Miller stamps that my hubby got me for my birthday-how cute are those turtles?! I colored them with colored pencils and used my OMS. I used my Tiny Bubbles Cuttlebug folder, my ticket punch, Stickles, sheer white ribbon with eyelets, and my patterned paper is TLC. On the inside I used a "Thank You" Heidi Swapp stamp. Very simple, which is what I needed since I had so many to make.
Thanks so much for stopping by. We're slowly getting in a routine here, so hopefully I will be back soon with some more creations! I have so many pics to scrap!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alexander is home! :)

After a LONG 22 days in the NICU, Alex came home last Thursday. We are SO happy to have him home! Life is perfect and I am so very blessed! We're getting into a routine, and everything is going great so far! Aaron LOVES him and is being the perfect big brother. If he can't see Alex, he walks around yelling "My baby, my baby" like he is missing! Being the protective older brother already! Alex had his first doctor's appointment yesterday and he is up to 5 whole pounds! The doctor said he is perfect, but we already knew that! :) I've even had some time to get some cleaning and crafting in! I've been making some thank you cards with my new Rachelle Anne Miller stamps! LOVE THEM! Jamie ordered me 5 for my birthday, plus some other goodies, so I'm a happy camper! Plus I made a few pages for Alex's scrapbook. Now I just need to take some pictures, but the camera is charging so that will have to wait. So I will leave you with this picture of my little man sleeping. Thanks for stopping by!