Monday, January 19, 2009

My scrap room-LOTS of pics!

I've been working so hard trying to get my room organized. At least enough so that I can actually craft in it. ;) So here is my "Scrap Room on a Budget"!

As you can see, this room is VERY small. So trying to fit everything in here AND having room to work has been a challenge! I would love to go to Ikea and buy all of their beautiful storage, or invest in some Jetmax cubes, but I'd rather by groceries! So I improvised! My mom didn't need such a large desk anymore, so she gave it to me! My brother and stepdad put it up for me this weekend and I LOVE it. On the desk I keep all of my cardstock and scraps. The Cropper Hopper paper holders were given to me from my friend Jill for Christmas a few years ago. The container I keep my scraps in was a few dollars at Wal Mart. I also have a pink container that holds my flowers (sorted by color), my Stickles and my bling. In the corner I have a lazy susan that I got at a yard sale for $1. I keep my pens, markers, and pencils in 3 metal buckets that I got in the Target dollar bins on clearance for 25 cents each! Someday I'll alter them... I also keep my adhesives and a few tools that I use often in a little bucket.

The other side of my desk is my work station. Over here I keep my idea book, paper trimmer, and a basket of boy embellishments so they're always handy!!

I bought this 7 drawer container for 50 cents at a yard sale. 50 CENTS! I keep my stamps, ink pads, punches, mini albums, and tools in here.

The small table my stereo is on came from freecycle. And I keep some of my I Love Lucy stuff on top! :) I've had the white table for almost 10 years now. I bought it when I was a junior in high school and first started scrapping. When I got my first job (as a pharmacy tech) I took my first paycheck and went to Lowes to get this table. I still lived with my grandparents then, and I had the whole basement to myself, so I was able to set up a nice little craft area there. Anyway, moving on! I used to use the white shelves in my closet for my shoes, but now that I'm a mom I don't have as many shoes as I used to, so I don't need shelves anymore! I keep my Cricut carts, Xyrons, chalks, glitters, and all of my small embellishments here.
In the drawers are seasons, holidays, alphabets, animals, sports, and school. I bought these years ago at WM. I keep stickers, embellishments, and some papers in here.

These organizers came in a tool box from WM for about $5. They are great for traveling because the lids are super tight so nothing gets mixed up! I have everything mainly sorted by color, but I also have some sorted by theme.

This is where my Cricut and Cuttlebug live. :)

As I said, my room is teeny tiny, so I have to keep things under the table too. Jamie said he was going to hang my ribbon holder on the wall. So maybe that will happen. Someday. ;) I bought this shelf at a yard sale for $3. It is supposed to hold books or movies. But it works great for my ribbon!

I keep my paints and photo case under here too. I also have a rolling organizer with a drawer for Christmas items, baby/kid/family items and a drawer for non-paper crafting items!

Over here is my paper. I LOVE paper. I got the paper rack when the LSS I used to work at closed. :( I have it sorted mainly by brand, but the top 4 shelves hold boy and family papers! On the wire stand I have my albums, things to alter, and kits. On top are my paper stacks.
So that's my room! I still have a few things to do. Pictures to hang and I'd like to get a pegboard for the wall too. I LOVE my room though. I'm so happy. I told Jamie I want to sleep in there! :) Aaron got to play in the snow tonight-first time this winter-so I'm going to print the pictures off that I took and go scrap tonight. I hope you have a wonderful night, and thanks so much for stopping by!!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Becky! Your room is WONDERFUL, and it doesn't seem small at all! I have a small area, so this room looks big to me! What I really like about it is that you have a TON of wall space! Your organization can go to the walls next if you need it to!! Wow!

I have gotten TONS of stuff at garage sales too! I love finding organization items for $1 or $2!! It makes me happy!

Your room is GREAT, and you must be thrilled and very inspired when you're in there!!

P.S. You know the first thing I saw when I looked at the first pic? The Elmo eyes!! We LOVE Elmo in this house! He's been our favorite for over 12 years now since my oldest was a baby!!

Crystal said...

I love your space, it is so organized and neat! I love your paint holder and eventually I want some paper racks like that! Right now it would not work in my house with little girls hands!!!


Lanita said...

What a great space. You've done well with organizing and it is so neat! Thanks for sharing!

cardmkrLeslie said...

I'm jealous with a capital J! Your scrap room is just so yummy!

Anna said...

My adorable daughter said, "oh she is so organized. better than our room!" DH, "kids can only tell the truth!"

Great space!