Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a great day!

What a wonderful day we had here! A little cold though. Which I hate. I miss summer! First of all, Aaron let me sleep in until 7:15! He is normally up everyday by 6, because that is what time he gets up on days that I work. So sleeping in until 7 is a big deal! Then after church, our niece came home with us to "help" me make lunch and bake cookies. So we had grilled cheese, soup, and hot chocolate, because ITS COLD!! And if you listened to her, she basically made the entire meal herself! Then we made sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and some Rice Krispies treats. Here's a picture of the cookies she decorated. I only did one-the purple and pink candy cane! :)

Then we crafted a little! I love having her around-she is so much fun. She made a bunch of paper flowers and a vase for her Nana (I wish I would've taken a picture-it was wonderful!), and I finished up a baby shower gift for someone at work. She is due next month, and she's made a cute little animal nursery for her son, so I thought this would look cute in his room! I used Zooballoo for everything-the grass, letters, animals, and clouds. Then I rubbed in some blue ink for the sky, and used some puffy black paint for the eyes. The cat eyes look a little weird in the pic, but its just the flash!

Also, I won a blog candy from Janaina at I'm so excited! I never win anything! Well, I'm off for now. Time for bathtime, then putting Aaron to bed so I can sleep a little! I'll leave you with a really cute picture of Aaron trying to eat Rudolph! Thanks for stopping by!


My Paper World said...

Awwwww! great photos, Thanks for sharing, and the cookies look yummy!