Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just a quick update....

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on since I don't have energy to respond to so many messages and emails! I went to see the doctor yesterday because I've been having some problems and haven't been feeling the greatest. Turns out my body has already started to get ready for the birth of little Alex, which is about 3 months too early. So I am now on bed rest until I go back to see the doctor next week. If things are the same, I am off bed rest. If things have progressed more, I'm on bed rest for the rest of this pregnancy. Which I certainly don't want, nor do I want Alex to be premature. So I've had a HUGE reality check and realize I'm not Superwoman, and I will no longer try to be. Last week I worked 6 days straight, Aaron was up 2 nights straight so I got NO SLEEP, plus I spent 3 hours at the doctor with him. Then on Sunday I cleaned and did some things in the baby's room, then worked all day Monday and Tuesday. So I now know that I can't do everything for everyone and I can't feel bad about that. I will do what I can do but not at the expense of mine and Alex's health. So you may not see me around for awhile. But I am ok, so no need to worry! I have a laptop and lots of magazines and books! I'm bored already, but nothing compared to how bored I will be if I am on bed rest for more than a week! So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers-we really appreciate it!