Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aaron is a monster AND a conductor :)

Finally time to update a little! What a crazy week its been. My sweet little Aaron fell off the bed the other day and had the largest goose-egg ever. It was terrible. He just screamed and screamed. He cried all the way to the hospital. It was a nightmare. So my little man had his first CAT scan at age 2! Luckily everything was ok though, he was just sore. Poor fella. Alexander is over 8 pounds now-can you believe it? He is great, but he is such a horrible sleeper! I feel like I haven't slept in a month. Aaron used to fall asleep as soon as I put him to bed, and he would barely move all night. Alex is the complete opposite though. He grunts and groans and moves around all night long. But that's ok. I may look and act like the living dead, but at least I have 2 amazing boys, so its totally worth it! ;)

We had a pretty good weekend. On Friday my moom took the day off so we could spend the day hitting all the yard sales. It was great. I maybe had a handful of clothes left in my closet that fit after Alex came, but now my closet is overflowing! Everything looks or is brand new though, and I didn't pay over $1 for anything! Jamie even gave me part of his closet since mine is so stuffed! :) Here is my favorite yard sale purchase EVER-my $3 authentic Prada bag!!

I also finally got to start the "Twilight" series. I read Twilight over the weekend, then started and finished New Moon yesterday. I just couldn't put it down! I hadn't bought the 3rd book, but I'm going to go get it tonight or tomorrow! Can't wait to finish the series. Also, for those of you that are local, I encourage you to visit Four Seasons Books in Shepherdstown. I haven't been there since I attended Shepherd College right out of high school. I was so impressed. Not only are they a regular book store with all the current releases, but they also carry used books, and their kids section is AWESOME! I am planning on taking Aaron there sometime next week. So please go visit!

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend my monthly HappyScrappers meeting. It was so much fun. I haven't seen my scrappin' buddies in months, so it was so nice to be able to get together! Plus I was able to escape the house for a bit, and I also finished 5 pages, which completed my weekly goal. Here are a few of them-will show the rest a little later!

This is a photo I took of Aaron playing at his train table one day. I used some Thomas papers for this page. The letters are my $2 Karen Foster Snap-stamps that I got at the GASC. I also added some adorable Queen & Co train brads.

These are some photos I took at our Memorial Day picnic. Aaron was VERY unhappy because he didn't want to eat-he wanted to play! The papers and the dinosaur stickers are all Reminisce-love them. The letters are really cool puffy epoxy stickers that I got on clearance at M's, but I can't remember who makes them. It might've been Making Memories. I don't know, but they're cute!

If you're a tip junkie like me, go check out this blog!

That's all for now. Now I just want to leave you with this adorable video! This is Aaron going playing on the slide during our church picnic at the park. Aren't I the luckiest mom in the world?! Thanks for stopping by!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

CUTE! That video is cute! I love your pages too! Awesome! I love yard sales! Sounds like you got some great stuff, and the purse is fantastic! I'm hoping to hit some on Friday!

The Garage Sale Diva said...

There's nothing like a great yard sale! I love the pages, especially the monster one.

tomiannie said...

Hey, girl! Glad your boys are doing so well, despite bonks on the head. Your yard sale finds are amazing -- whoohoo! Cute pages, too.

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Cute pages, Becky! They're both great!
So glad that Aaron wasn't hurt too badly! I can't believe how fast your little guy is growing. Sure hope he starts sleeping for you!