Saturday, November 10, 2007

Aaron's new room!

Well, Aaron's room is finally finished! We put a new bookcase in this past week, and I bought his new "Big boy bed" last night! He also got all new bedding! The only thing left to do is the walls, but that is being put off for a while so we can work on the rest of the house. So much to do! Here are a few pictures of him and his room!

This is his new bed!
These are all some of his Elmos and other toys! Here are all of his books and some more toys!

Here he is taking his first nap in his new bed!

We're having a great weekend here. The weather is getting pretty cold so we're trying to stay warm indoors! I took Aaron, my baby brother and my niece to a Hannah Montana birthday party this afternoon and we had tons of fun. Aaron got into the cake so badly that he had to come straight home and get a bath! I hope you are all having a great weekend! After church tomorrow I am hoping to spend the rest of the afternoon in my scrapbook room and get some work done! Check back for my progress (hopefully!) Thanks for stopping by!


Rebecha said...

It looks great and VERY organized.