Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a good day so far!

I'm feeling so good today! Got on some new medicine for my "all day" sickness and I am feeling great! Had to go to my new job today to get my final job offer, and I will be going this Thursday to orientation and starting on Monday! I called our babysitter who we haven't seen in 6 weeks, and she said she will gladly make room for Aaron, so that makes me happy! Aaron and I both really like her! Unfortunately had to call to cancel my ultrasound for this Thursday though, but I am going to rescedule as soon as I get my new schedule! Can't wait to find out if this is a boy or a girl!! Right now I am getting ready to clean, because I've really been slacking lately, and when Aaron takes a nap I am going to scrap!! So hopefully I will be back later to show you something new! Also going to clean up my room from VSBN so I can post some pics! Hope you're having a great day! Thanks for stopping by! :)