Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aaron's Learning Book!

Here is a learning book I've started making for Aaron. As you can see, I'm not finished with all of the pages, nor have I added pictures in, but I'll get to it! I haven't finished his letter I, Q, V, X, or Y pages because I've been having a hard time finding things for those letters. I also have black and white pages to finish for the colors and I haven't even started on the numbers. Hope you enjoy!

The letters on the title page were old stickers I had. They worked perfectly though! The brads at the bottom of the page are blocks that came out of the Around The Block Baby set. There is also a Paper Bliss block embellished with wire and an ABC block. The A page is my favorite! The apple and acorn die cuts are MME. The airplane is an embossed sticker from WeR Memory Keepers I believe. There are 2 little ant brads, an adorable alligator, and the "Aaron" is MAMBI (I think) with little silver beads. I cut each letter out with the Coluzzle Puzzle template, and have a photo mat on each page as well!

The B page has a Jolees foam bear, a wooden bat and ball, a MME boat, a wooden basketball (its hard to see), a small Jolees bird, a bubble die, a metal butterfly and the word BOY. The C page has embossed cloud stickers, a Paper Bliss cat, a cake brad from Around the Block Birthday treats, a cookie sticker from EK, crayon stickers, cute little chick stickers, corn on the cob from Jolees, and a foam car and cow from Jolees also.

The D page has a dog and dragonfly die cut from MME, a Paper Bliss duck, a dinosaur sticker, a "Dad" word plate, a "dog" word embellishment, a "discover" word block, and Suzy's Zoo duck ribbon! The E page has an Easter basket with eggs in it, an elephant sticker from We R, an elephant brad, and an Elmo sticker. This page needs something else, any suggestions?

The F page has Mrs. Grossman's fireworks stickers, frog, fish, and a flamingo sticker, a wooden football, a Prima flower, a MME flashlight, a family picture plate, feet die cute from Jolees, and a campfire sticker from MAMBI. The G page has a grill and gorilla sticker, a Giants helmet, a giraffe brad, a ghost sticker from MAMBI, a grass sticker on the photo mat, a giraffe from WeR, and a grow picture plate.

The H page has a hammer, hot dog, and heart sticker, a hippo sticker from WeR, hand dies from Jolees, a hamburger and cowboy hat die from MME, and a hat die from Seventh Avenue. The J page has a jaguar sticker (from Go, Diego, Go!), jelly bean QuicKutz dies, a jack-o-lantern, and Jeff Gordon's car and words.

The K page has a Jolees karate outfit, a knight, ketchup, and kangaroo sticker, a kiss word plate, key die cuts, and a koala sticker from a pack I bought at the zoo in DC. The L page has a die cut light bulb with yellow chalk on the inside, a lion from WeR, a leaf brad, Jolees leaves, a love word plate, a lobster die, and a large ladybug from Jolees!

The M page has a large glass of milk, a cute little Paper Bliss mouse, a WeR monkey, a mom word plate, a moon die, a mustard die from MME, a motorcycle bard and a mouse die cut. The N page has a notebook die, a MME noisemaker die, a net, Noah's Ark from EK, the words "naked baby!" and a Blues Clues notebook sticker!

The O page has an orange sticker, a sticker that says "Ouch!" an owl die cut, an ostrich sticker from the zoo, an Oscar the Grouch page tile from EK, an Animal Kingdom octupus, and a "One of a Kind" vellum saying. The P page has MME die cut paint, phone, pickles, and a pie, a polar bear, pretzel, panda, popcorn, pencils, and a parrot stickers, a foam Jolees pig, and MAMBI palm tree, pineapple, present, and peanuts. The peanut fell onto the pie in the pic, but its fixed now!
The R page has a MME rooster, a Jolees rubber ducky, a rabbit, a rocket, a rhino sticker, and a MAMBI rainbow that says "This is the day that the Lord has made". The S page has a MAMBI spider, a MME snake, sun, and scissors, Queen and Co star brads, a Spongebob, seashell, seahorse and shirt sticker, shoes, a wooden socccer ball and a strawberry die.

The T page has a foam Jolees truck and tiger, a Jolees turkey, a MME turtle and train, a tooth brad, a TV sticker and Suzy's Zoo turtle ribbon. The U page has a unicorn sticker, a Jolees umbrella, USA stickers, and a sticker that says "Uh-Oh." This page also needs something else.

The W page has a Jolees whale, a worm sticker, a MAMBI witch, a wrench, a MME whistle, a quilled watermelon, and Animal Kingdom waves. The Z page has WeR ZOO stickers, a zebra, a Zoe sticker, and a Junkitz zipper.

These color pages were all done with the Jolees sticker packs. I had considered buying them for a few months, but they were $5 per color and I just couldn't spend that much money on them! But when I went to CKC this summer a vendor had them for $1.50 each, so I snatched them right up! There is also a white and black one I need to finish. I put them on plain white paper so it doesn't distract Aaron from the actual color itself.

Thanks for looking!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

These are FANTASTIC! WOW!!

OK, here are my suggestions!!

I = igloo, ice, iguana, insect
Q = Queen, quail
V = Valentine, vegetals, vehicle, vacation
X = xylophone, X-ray
Y = yawn, yellow, yak

If you can't find a sticker or a die cut, download clip art, and then print it on cardstock! It will work like a charm! Good luck! This is just fantastic, and I'm sure it will be your son's favorite book!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

The word I spelled incorrectly should be "vegetables"! Typo!

Becky said...

Thanks Carol! I have some of those things already, but some of them I hadn't thought of! THANK YOU! I've been working on this book for months whenever I have a free chance. I'm hoping to finish the rest up at a crop on Saturday! Thanks for the clip are suggestion-I hadn't thought about that! I hope he likes it! :)

2 Worlds said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog
I liked this learning book idea