Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick update and more blog candies!

What a busy few days I've had! I've finished 3 or 4 layouts this week in my pretty new scrapbook room. Carol, you were right when you said I would be inspired in there! Every time I walk in, all of these new ideas jump into my head. My old room was a disaster and I barely ever completed anything. Now I'm doing a layout a day and I'm thrilled! Pretty soon the boys albums will be completely caught up! YAY!

Yesterday Jamie was home pretty early from work, and he spent about 6 hours fixing my old laptop from college. He installed all new stuff on it, then he put it, my camera dock and my beloved printer in my scrap room! Then I downloaded all of my Creating Keepsakes fonts on it, so I am set!!

Its been a long, rough few months for me, but so many great things have happened this past week that I feel like things are finally starting to change. Scrap wise, I have my pretty room and computer set up now, I've won a few blog candies and RAKs, and I've made a lot of new friends. I feel very lucky and very, very blessed! Financially, things have been bad for a while. Worse than they've ever been before. After having months of no inquiries of my child care, I've had 3 people contact me this week alone. My ideal situation is to have 2 full time children, so hopefully that will happen!

I have all of my new layouts to show you, but when my hubby hooked everything up in my scrap room, he wasn't thinking about the internet. ;) So I don't have any internet in the room for now, and my camera is in the room... Lol. I will try to upload them later though.

Now for some blog candies! I love goodies! I like to share them too, even the ones I don't enter. (Not that I'm "too good" for something, its just that I don't need to win all girly stuff when I only scrap the boys stuff!) So here are some today:

1. Kim has some great goodies including great Basic Grey papers, ribbons, flowers, and all kinds of fun things! Also go check out her blog because everything she makes is stunning!
2. Melissa also is giving away some "yummy confections" for reaching 10,000 hits! Check out her blog and you'll see why she has so many hits! ;) Tell her Becky sent you!
3. Irene is giving away a stamp set that she designed herself!
4. Sarah from Red Oak Lines hit 10,000 views and she's giving away some ROL loot! Go check out her awesome blog!
5. Katharina from Whiff of Joy is giving away a complete stamp kit. Go check out her blog. Her cards are so detailed and beautiful.
6. Paula has amazing "Blog Sherbert" up for grabs!! RUN to check it out! Also look at her blog because her stamps and creations are gorgeous!!
7. The Creative Cafe is giving away $150 worth of their products. AHHH!!!

I think that's all for today. I will try to post some pictures later. I have the whole day free to spend time with my guys! So I'll be having a great day, and I hope you do the same! Thanks for stopping by!